Transcriptionist / Receptionist

Job Description:

This position will have two areas of responsibility that are Transcription and Reception Services at the front desk. This position reports to Manager, Clinical Support Services. Priorities between the two areas of responsibility are determined by the Manager, Clinical Support Services.

The Transcriptionist is responsible for transcribing all dictated material from physicians, typically from written, recorded tape or voice recognition software, into clear, understandable and complete text for reports and charting patient information.

The reception coverage is responsible for ensuring that the incoming calls are answered by a person and directed to the correct staff members, or phone messages will be documented and delivered to the responsible party.

Job Duties: Transcriptionist

  • Transcribe dictated material from physicians or other HUPTI staff members
  • Review and correct transcriptions within the Mosaiq system as needed
  • Store dictation voice files for review if necessary
  • Update and maintain doctor directory on an ongoing basis
  • Track daily schedules to ensure that transcribed notes are available at each appointment for each patient
  • Fax all electronically signed documents to the referring physicians noted on the dictated document using the Mosaiq fax system
  • Other duties as assigned

Job Duties: Receptionist

  • Answer all telephone calls and transfer to the appropriate staff
  • Greet and direct all patients/visitors in a personable and professional manner
  • Maintain the visitor log to include the logging each visitor and issuing a visitor badge
  • Assist in printing patient labels using Mosiaq system
  • Complete patient phone inquiry form for the Manager, Clinical Support Services or designee
  • Enter all patients and visitors in the Mosiaq queue
  • Contact patients for reminders about appointments and enter all necessary information in Mosiaq
  • Issue required documents to patients
  • Notify various departments that the patient has arrived for appointment as defined by Manager, Clinical Support Services
  • Work closely with other staff members regarding the functions of the reception area when needed
  • Sign in all tours in the appropriate log book and issue the required dosimeter to the staff leader of the tour
  • Sign for all deliveries (UPS, FedEx, etc.) and notify employees of packages received
  • Deliver interoffice mail accordingly
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Must have completed a certified medical transcription training program, diploma or associate’s degree program, Certified Medical Transcriptionist (CMT) through American Association for Medical Transcription (AAMT) or comparable experience


  • Requires in-depth knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy, medical procedures, treatments, pharmacology, and medical records management
  • Must interact positively and effectively with all members of the HUPTI team
  • Must have excellent computer skills and able to accurately interpret, carefully edit, correctly punctuate and file patient record communication in a timely manner
  • High degree of professionalism and confidentiality
  • Knowledge of electronic medical records
  • Previous related experience in a busy healthcare environment, to include proficiency in medical terminology, with EHR experience preferred
  • Time management skills are a plus


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